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The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation was founded in 2003 by Elysée Scientific Cosmetics’ Chairman, Linda Marshall, and her family, in memory of her son who battled the condition his entire life.  “Few people understand how truly devastating OCD can be, for both the people who suffer from it and the families and friends who love them,” says Linda Marshall. “People often hear about other diseases and conditions, however, many who suffer from OCD are too ashamed to bring attention to it. Though it is listed as one of the top ten most disabling diseases by the National Institute of Mental Health, there is limited awareness around it. Our foundation is dedicated to changing that so people with OCD can get the help and support they need.”

OCD is one of the most prevalent disabilities in America, affecting more than 6 million people in this country alone; it is also one of the most costly. The total yearly costs for America as a result of OCD have been estimated at up to 8 billion dollars. And yet, it receives almost no government funding—just a tiny fraction of what is given to other, less widespread diseases.

It is for that reason that this event is so important. The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation is currently the only organization dedicated to raising funds for genetic research related to this debilitating disease.  Proceeds from the Beyond Beauty event go directly to support the research of Dr. Gerald Nestadt, Director of the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. Dr. Gerald Nestadt, who is also Director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Program at Johns Hopkins, and his research team, have made crucial discoveries in the fight to find better solutions for treatment and management of OCD.

The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation has raised almost $3 million since its inception.

The Foundation