Free Online OCD Test

Current Date: March 2, 2024
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Welcome to your's OCD Test

Discover Your Mind's Patterns: A Preliminary Self-Check

Greetings from Mike Clark, founder of and I invite you to take our OCD Test, a tool crafted to help you explore possible symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Important Considerations:

  • This test is not a diagnostic tool. It's a preliminary step to understand if you might be experiencing symptoms associated with OCD.
  • The results are indicative and may not be fully accurate. Only a healthcare professional can provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Our test is designed to be a starting point. If you find that you resonate with many of the symptoms, it's important to seek further evaluation.

How the Test Works:

  • You will answer a series of yes/no questions.
  • Your answers will indicate whether your experiences align with common OCD symptoms.
  • After completing the test, you'll find guidance and resources based on your responses.

Additional Resources:

Let's Begin Ready to start? Click below to take your first step toward understanding your mental health better.

Unwanted Thoughts: Do you frequently experience unwanted, repetitive thoughts that cause you anxiety?

Compulsive Behaviors: Are you compelled to perform specific actions repeatedly (such as washing hands, checking locks, or arranging items) to ease your anxiety?

Intrusive Images or Ideas: Do you struggle with disturbing mental images or thoughts related to harm, religious, or sexual themes that feel out of your control?

Rituals for Anxiety Relief: Do you engage in rituals (like counting or touching objects) to temporarily relieve your anxiety?

Impact on Daily Life: Does your concern about potential harm to yourself or loved ones significantly affect your job performance, home life, or social relationships?

Resistance to Compulsions: Do you find it difficult to resist or control the urge to perform repetitive tasks or behaviors, even when they interfere with your daily activities?

Seeking Reassurance: Do you often seek reassurance from others about your actions or thoughts related to your worries?