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Diagnosing OCD

The OCD patient suffers in silence and as of today there are only a few hundred doctors that know how to treat this disease. It’s a totally ill logical disease that we try to treat normally and it can’t be done. Research is showing that there is a genetic link and it could be triggered by strep-throat. Dr. Thomas Insel, director of NIMH, is responsible for the Genetics Collaborative, but they need research money and it is very hard to come by.

Dr. Michael Jenike, M.D., of Harvard University, has stated that of all mental illnesses, OCD is the most painful for the patient and the family. They deal with the pain 24/7. It was stated that our beloved Jim was in more pain than a person in the final stages of cancer on morphine — the difference being the person on morphine could get relief.

Jim always wanted to make a difference. He, personally, didn’t get the chance, but as a family we are committed to making that difference for him and for all the others who suffer endless pain in silence.

We can make a difference if we all work together!

Diagnosing OCD