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The mission of The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation is to offer hope to those afflicted or touched by this often overlooked disease. Together, we can work toward finding a cure.

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About the Foundation

The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation is dedicated to raising money to assist in Genetic Research through Johns Hopkins.

In 2002, we lost our beloved Jim to obsessive-compulsive disorder; and during the last conversation with him, he said, ‘I want to make a difference.’ Our family founded The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation to fulfill his last wish.

Every year, 6 million Americans, at a cost of $8 billion, are affected by OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder); listed as one of the 10 most disabling diseases in the United States. This is an impact totaling more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer put together; yet, it receives only $2.61 per person in funding on an annual basis. Currently, The James E. Marshall foundation is the only entity, other than the nation OCD Foundation, raising money for genetic research.

Unless touched by this horrible disease firsthand, most people unfortunately, do not understand how truly devastating OCD can be, and not just for the sufferers, but for family, friends, and co-workers who see how destructive the behavior can be. Patients with OCD have repetitive, intrusive, disturbing, obsessive thoughts, impulses, or images that cause anxiety; and these classify OCD as an anxiety disorder. They also have compulsive rituals designed to decrease this anxiety.

Our biggest ally in changing public perception is, of course, the media—helping to shed light on this disease and getting people talking so we can lift the stigma associated with mental disorders.

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